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Mrs Rogers Premium Black Sea Salt Flakes 100g


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Premium black sea salt flakes are natural Mediterranean sea salt combined with activated charcoal.

This premium flake is ideal as a finishing salt.  The crystals melt quickly and evenly making it also perfect for cooking and as a spectacular garnish – a decadent addition to any table setting!

When we are eating healthy, it’s great to take pleasure in the finer things of life and what could be more fitting than enjoying the purity of these black sea salt flakes. The unique flakes of pure sea salt dissolve on the tongue and have a delicate crunch making them a perfect finishing salt to your gourmet meal!

The charcoal in black sea salt may help remove toxins from the body so perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

In keeping with KetoEasy’s commitment to the health of you and our planet, Mrs Rogers Premium Gourmet Salts are packaged in plant-based, home compostable bags for your convenience.




Weight 120 g


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