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Low Carb Zone Soft Keto Buns – Dry Mix


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These Soft Buns may just be the best bread alternative you will ever taste!

Low Carb Zone really take their time to make sure that their products taste amazing.  They carefully select the best natural, functional ingredients, organic where possible.

Do you like bread for breakfast but want a low carb and Gluten-free alternative? Tired of serving burgers in lettuce wraps? Then look no further.

Try these soft buns at only 2.3g net carbs each. (Note: Does not include ZeaGold egg whites. The photo is supplied for your reference)

This recipe is easy, filling and delicious. These buns have a pleasing crispy crust with a soft centre!

It’s easy to digest with only a few ingredients

It doesn’t contain any gums or additives

Low Carb Zone don’t use gas flush

It’s very filling due to their large size

It’s light and airy

It can be eaten with sweet or savoury topping – due to their natural flavour.

It has a gentle crust

It has no eggy taste

It doesn’t change shape

It toasts like a real bread

It freezes perfectly

It’s versatile – the perfect vehicle for sandwiches, panini’s, eggs benne, BLT, burgers and all your favourite low carb meals

Handy hint: ZeaGold produces a pouch of 100% egg whites which are super handy for anything that requires egg whites.  These are readily available at supermarkets in the fridge section. (Photo attached)  You can make three packets of buns from one pouch or freeze the remaining egg whites in handy portions for future use.  Now that is handy!  Don’t worry, you can still use egg whites separated straight from the shell too.


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