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Low Carb Zone Chocolate Orange Snacking Cereal 200g


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Enjoy as a healthy snack anytime or pair with yoghurt for a decadent breakfast cereal or cream for a yummy dessert.  These are also brilliant to have on hand to sprinkle over baked goods for that perfect professional garnish!

These would also make ideal gifts with a generous 200g in each large jar!


organic coconut, almond, organic coconut oil, organic cacao powder 3.5%, organic cacao nibs 4%, vanilla extract, organic Monk fruit extract (Luo Han Guo – contains no GMO soy), Himalayan salt, organic coconut nectar 3%*, cinnamon

Nutritional value (per serving, 40g)

5.3g** 5.7g 28.7g 308

*There is a small amount of coconut sugar in this product which may not be suitable for some on a Keto diet.
** This has the highest carb content of the Low carb zone range and should be calculated into the daily macros if on Keto

Weight 600 g


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