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Kirkland Macadamia Nuts 680g


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Macadamia nuts are native to Australia and you really haven’t tasted a more delicious, fresh Macadamia nut than these Dry roasted nuts with sea salt.  Macadamia nuts enjoy the advantage of having one of the lowest number of net carbs of all nuts and seeds with only 4.5g per 100g!

These are amazing value too with a large 680g sealable bag.  At only $4.34/100g, these nuts are close to half the price you would pay at New World!

There are many uses and are a great compliment to a Keto way of eating:
Snacks – A handful is ideal with its great profile and healthy fats
Granola – A delicious addition to the perfect breakfast meal
Salads – Toss through a salad for a decadent addition with added crunch or use as a replacement for croutons in a Caesar salad
Nut clusters – Macadamia nuts pair beautifully with chocolate so go crazy. They also pair beautifully with cranberries and other berries.
Baking – There are so many delicious recipes using Macadamia nuts so you can’t go wrong from cookies to muffins and cakes as well as desserts.


Weight 800 g


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