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Kirkland Almond Butter 765g


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Kirkland Signature Almond Butter is just roasted almonds.  The almonds are carefully roasted and then ground into a sweet creamy spread.  This gentle processing allows the almonds to maintain their inherent nutritional value.  This is a large value container of 765g and works out at only $2.35/100g. That provides great savings for your grocery bill!

As for Carbs, we are moving away from our products always being 10% or less of Carbs so that we can include more whole foods that are still Keto friendly and will not spike blood sugar and insulin level (don’t worry, we still stick to the 10% or less for highly processed food like chocolate so that you can truly benefit from eating Keto or Low Carb and of course all of our products remain Maltitol fee!)

Weight 900 g


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