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Atkins Bread Mix


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Atkins bread mix is the best value Keto bread on the market and you only add water!

With only 2.5g of net carbs per slice, you can once again enjoy bread and toast as often as you like.

Atkins Bread Mix can be cooked in the oven or breadmaker and is very versatile.

One loaf provides 16 slices and is ideal to freeze to use as needed.  This bread also keeps well in a plastic bag once cooled for a number of days.

Is this the closest thing to non-keto bread?  Try it out and let us know!


Handy hint: For a seedy loaf, bake as per the instructions.  If you prefer a smoother loaf then sieve the ingredients and blitz the larger seeds etc in a blender. You can also choose between a denser loaf (less mixing/kneading) or a lighter fluffier bread (longer mixing / Kneading).

This mix can also be made into rolls and other forms of bread.


Weight 450 g


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